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Corporate responsibility

Our strategy for 2020–2024 focuses heavily on corporate responsibility and sustainable development in all our activities. We bear our share of the responsibility for the functioning and capacity of the entire health care system.

As a tax-funded and significant social actor, we are required to operate by adhering to special responsibility and ethicality. This responsibility is realized as financial, social, and environmental responsibility.

With us, financial responsibility means, in particular, the responsible, ethical, and transparent use of tax funds.

Social responsibility is manifested, for example, in the equality of access to treatment, the promotion of the health of different socio-economic groups, and the employment of partially incapacitated people.  

For us, environmental responsibility means taking environmental values into account in all our activities. We invest in finding environmentally sustainable solutions and, at the same time, in developing a more sustainable society. Our goal is to be carbon neutral by 2030.

Responsibility is also reflected in attitudes and actions towards our key stakeholders – patients, personnel, and our municipal owners.

Our goal is to provide specialist medical care in the patient's own language in Finnish or Swedish. Our bilingualism program supports this objective.

You can also read more about our corporate responsibility work in our annual report at There you will find a responsibility report in accordance with HUS Logistics’ GRI standard and the HUS environmental report.

Corporate responsibility program 2021–2022

We have drawn up a corporate responsibility program for the years 2021–2022. The program is based on HUS values, which are Caring, Equality and Pioneership.

Our corporate responsibility program covers all three areas of corporate responsibility: social, financial and environmental responsibility. We also consider our key stakeholders: patients, personnel and owner municipalities.

The program is a compilation of concrete measures or projects to promote sustainability, its purpose being to translate the abstract concept of corporate responsibility into concrete and measurable actions.

We like to think that corporate responsibility is integrated into our normal, everyday work in each unit and for each individual. In other words, our corporate responsibility program does not encompass all of our sustainability efforts; it is a complementary measure intended to explain and demonstrate our actions for our stakeholders.

For more on our corporate responsibility program, see the pages on financial, social and environmental responsibility.


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