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Renovation of Park Hospital

We are renovating and restoring the Park Hospital, i.e. the former Children's Hospital, into an adult surgery hospital.


In the renovation, we will carry out thorough demolition and renovation of the structures at Park Hospital in order to eliminate the extensive indoor air problems previously identified. The building requires a full-scale and expensive renovation, but the decision was made to retain it for specialist medical care use due to its central location. 

We will implement the renovation in two phases. 

During project phase 1, we will repair about half of the Park Hospital. We started the pre-construction demolition work in 2019. Phase 1 comprises the sea-side part of the building and will be completed in 2021. 

During project phase 2, we will renovate the second part of the building on the side of the New Children's Hospital. We will start planning the second phase of the renovation in 2024.

After the renovation, the Park Hospital will have 10 operating rooms and outpatient and ambulatory surgery facilities, as well as facilities required for the functions where the patient arrives into surgery from home and is discharged directly from the recovery room. With the equipment of the procedure rooms, we will enable a situation where not all procedures need to be carried out in operating rooms. The inpatient wards will house a total of 50 patient beds on two floors.

A protected building

The Park Hospital, which is an architectonically and historically valuable building, is protected. In the renovation, we cannot change the external structures of the building or the load-bearing structures inside the building. Any changes to the building and the yard areas must be negotiated with the museum authorities and they will also participate in the planning to some extent. As the theme of the renovation project, we have chosen “In the Spirit of the Site”, which respects the long history of the hospital.

The new hospital will provide facilities for a surgical unit of adult patients

We are transferring specialist medical care activities from our other hospitals to Park Hospital: We are transferring plastic surgery and HUSUKE outpatient activities from Töölö Hospital, part of the plastic surgery activities from Jorvi Hospital, and breast surgery, elective superficial venous activities for vascular surgery, as well as dental care and orthodontics from Surgical Hospital. From Meilahti Tower Hospital, we will also transfer part of the activities of the clinical physiology unit. At the same time, we will be expanding the activities of the radiology unit to meet the imaging needs of dental care.  

There will be no emergency or intensive care services at Park Hospital, which is the basis for our decisions on the activities that will be transferred there. If necessary, we will transfer the patient to an intensive care unit, for example, to Bridge Hospital.



  • Park Hospital's year of construction: 1946
  • Location: Helsinki, Meilahti
  • Owner: HUS
  • Renovation developer: HUS Kiinteistöt Oy

Phase 1

  • Renovation time: 20192021
  • The hospital's operations are to begin in: 2021
  • Main contractor: Skanska
  • Lead designer: Arkkitehtitoimisto Reino Koivula Oy 
  • Scope: 19,000 brm²
  • Cost estimate: MEUR 50.5

Phase 2

  • Planning is estimated to begin in 2024 
  • Scope: 8,700 brm²