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Bridge Hospital

In the Meilahti hospital area, we are building a new hospital, the Bridge Hospital, which is the largest construction project in the history of HUS.

havainnekuva Siltasairaalasta

The Bridge Hospital will replace Töölö Hospital and a part of the Department of Oncology. We will connect the new hospital building both in terms of its activities and facilities to Meilahti Tower Hospital and Meilahti Triangle Hospital, as well as to the parts of the Department of Oncology that will continue to be used. These will form a uniform functional entity. 

Construction is underway, planning continues  

We started construction in 2018 and it is progressing on schedule. The implementation method of our construction project is a cooperative management contract project with a target budget. In the contract, we set qualitative targets and a timetable and cost target for the main contractor.  

Our tight four-year construction schedule is based on the fact that the implementation method we have chosen enables simultaneous planning and construction work. In addition to this, we are building the hospital by block, which makes it possible to start installing equipment and fittings even before the entire building is completed. 

In the project, we utilize the efficient Big Room working method by bringing the planners, client, users, and contractors around the same table regularly.

First patients will be admitted in 2023

The hospital building will be completed in summer 2022, after which we will begin the final furnishing of the premises with fittings and equipment installations. During the rest of the year, our personnel will get acquainted with the facilities, receive training, and prepare for the start-up of activities.

At the beginning of 2023, most of our current operations at Töölö Hospital will be moved to the Bridge Hospital, including orthopedics, traumatology and neurosurgery, as well as most of the operations of the current Department of Oncology. Already earlier in 2021, part of the activities of Töölö Hospital will be transferred to the Meilahti campus, as we complete the first renovation phase of Park Hospital (formerly the Children's Hospital).

At Bridge Hospital, we will have an emergency department, surgery unit, intensive care units, outpatient clinics, day hospital, and inpatient wards. Our new hospital will also include teaching and lecture rooms, as well as a restaurant, cafeteria, and business premises.

The merger of the Töölö and Meilahti hospital campuses is a big change for our personnel. We have established an extensive change organization to plan, manage, and take charge of this change. In addition to combining the different operational cultures, we will develop new kinds of treatment processes and plan the functionality of the entire hospital.



  • Location: Helsinki, Meilahti
  • Construction time: 2018–2022 
  • The hospital's operations are to begin in: 2023 
  • Owner: HUS 
  • Developer: HUS Kiinteistöt Oy 
  • Main contractor: SRV 
  • Site pages
  • Lead designer: the Team Integrated consortium which involves four architecture firms: AW2-Arkkitehdit Oy, Brunet Saunier Architectures S.A, Arkkitehtuuritoimisto B&M Oy, and Arkkitehtitoimisto Harris-Kjisik OY 
  • Scope: 69,920 brm² 
  • Cost estimate: MEUR 295 



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