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Quality and Patient Safety

In HUS, we invest heavily in the quality of our activities. Our goal is the continuous improvement of patient care. We draw up an annual quality and patient safety plan, the implementation of which is monitored by the HUS Executive Board. Our patient safety is based on continuous development of our activities.

JCI quality system

Joint Commission International (JCI) is the world's most widely used and comprehensive assessment system for hospitals, a quality system. We are currently preparing for the introduction of the JCI system in six HUS departments in 2021. 

Magnet Hospital

In HUS, we are part of the international Magnet Hospital© project. The Magnet Hospital recognition requires evidence of excellent nursing work. 

Patient Safety

Patient safety is an integral part of quality. In HUS, we invest in safe patient care, high quality of care, and patient focus. Our goal is that the treatment or treatment environment will not cause the patient any danger or harm. Adverse events may include treatment-related infections, incorrect or delayed diagnosis, or a medication error.

All our employees involved in patient care complete an online patient safety training. We also analyze the patient and customer feedback we receive and adapt our activities based on the feedback.