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Neurocenter comprises the specialties of neurology and neurosurgery, as well as neuropsychology. We are responsible for the diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of central nervous system diseases. The Neurocenter is one of the 13 departments in the Helsinki University Hospital Area.

Potilaan hoitamista Neurokeskuksessa.


In addition, we are responsible for round-the-clock neurological emergency care of the entire Uusimaa region and for the arrangement of emergency services in neurosurgery and demanding neurology in the Kymenlaakso, South Karelia, and Päijät-Häme areas.  

We treat patients without departmental interfaces from evaluation of the symptom in emergency services to the required procedures, inpatient care, and rehabilitation all the way to the discharge of the patient. 

We operate in a total of five hospital areas which have an outpatient clinic for neurology or neurosurgery and/or one or more inpatient wards. Surgery, emergency care, and intermediate care activities are primarily concentrated in Meilahti and Töölö. 

Active international networking and cooperation keep our teaching and research activities at the forefront of medical development. 

We conduct international top-level clinical research and have a significant amount of external competitive research funding at our disposal. We regularly monitor the quality of care and continuously strive to develop our activities. For example, in the treatment of cerebral infarction, our treatment results are among the world’s most cutting edge.

With their referring physician, the patient from any hospital district can choose us as the specialist medical unit to provide their treatment.



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