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HUS Facilities Center

At HUS Facilities Center, we are responsible for ensuring that HUS has access to safe, functional and cost-effective facilities that meet their operational requirements. 


We provide and lease premises for the joint authority's core operations and support services, and order services associated with the maintenance and servicing of the properties, including security services for the facilities.

We act as an expert in facility utilization by developing the working environment and efficiency of space utilization, and we ensure that the value of the joint authority's properties and facilities is maintained. We are responsible for the planning, ordering, realization and cost monitoring of construction investments and renovations. 

Our operations are based on the appropriateness of the premises, energy and cost-effectiveness, principles of sustainable development, and proactive planning. 

The HUS Environment Agency, which is part of the Facilities Center, guides the consideration of environmental values and environmental responsibility in all the activities of the joint authority.

The HUS Facilities Center has approximately 30 employees.

We work in close cooperation with HUS Kiinteistöt Oy, which operates in a producer role.


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