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Heart and Lung Center

We offer specialist medical care in the fields of cardiology, cardiac surgery, pulmonary diseases, and general thoracic and esophageal surgery. The Heart and Lung Center is one of the 13 departments in the Helsinki University Hospital Area.

Hoitotilanne Sydän- ja keuhkokeskuksessa

We are responsible for the emergency services for heart diseases around the clock. In thoracic diseases, the Heart and Lung Center has Finland's only specialist-level emergency clinic for pulmonary diseases and emergency-care preparedness for thoracic diseases. 

We have national responsibility for heart and lung transplants. We are also the centralized unit responsible for the treatment of rare and demanding congenital diseases of the thoracic cavity and the heart. 

The Heart and Lung Center is the largest center in Finland and is a major center even on a European scale. The center plays a pioneering role in robot-assisted and video-assisted surgery. 



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