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Comprehensive Cancer Center

We are responsible for oncological treatment of cancer (other than surgical treatment) and hematology, i.e. treatment of blood disorders, breast surgery, and radiation therapy services in the Uusimaa region. We also treat patients arriving from across Finland requiring specialist medical care. The Comprehensive Cancer Center is one of the 13 departments in the Helsinki University Hospital Area.

kaksi ihmistä tietokoneella

The Comprehensive Cancer Center is Finland's largest and most versatile cancer treatment center. We provide personalized treatment, the quality of which is guaranteed by the personnel’s high level of competence and our modern state-of-the-art technology.

The Comprehensive Cancer Center is the first Nordic cancer center to have undergone OECI accreditation and achieved the highest possible status of a Comprehensive Cancer Center. Our expertise is internationally highly valued and our treatment results are world-class. 

Our customer panels and experts by experience bring an important patient perspective to the development of our operations. 

The key objective of our research activities is to promote translation, i.e. faster and more efficient utilization of the research results for the benefit of the patient. At the center, we also carry out phase I studies and first-in-man trials.



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