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HUS as a promoter of health and wellbeing

We offer our support and expertise in promoting wellbeing and health in Uusimaa.

Äiti ja kaksi lasta rannalla

We organize training for professionals in different fields and collect various monitoring data to help us cooperate with the municipalities to develop the health and wellbeing of people in our area.

Good Spiral

The Good Spiral is a project for the promotion of health and wellbeing in Uusimaa in 2019–2023. HUS Primary Health Care Unit is responsible for the project. Municipalities and social and health care professionals, experts, organizations and associations are invited to join the Good Spiral project. The project is seeking to work with actors of the future wellbeing services counties to promote the wellbeing and health of Uusimaa residents. The project has four target areas: promoting a non-smoking and nicotine-free life, strengthening inclusion, reducing health inequalities, and preventing falls. The aim is to introduce effective operating models for promoting health and wellbeing. More participants are welcomed to join the project.

Project themes and professional networks

Events in the Good Spiral project

Welcome to the networks and meetings of professionals and experts in the promotion of wellbeing and health! 

More information and registration