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Corporate cooperation

At HUS, we work in close cooperation with different companies on an international and national level.

In order to develop our business cooperation, we have an Advisory Board that discusses general principles and practices related to research and innovation cooperation, digitalization development, and market dialogue. The Advisory Board invites 15 business representatives from different industries and members from our operating unit management.  

The forms of business cooperation we provide are:  

  • CleverHealth Network 

  • HUS Testbed

  • HUS Findery® and start-up collaborations 

  • HUS Virtual Reality Laboratory 

CleverHealth Network is a healthcare technology ecosystem where companies and healthcare professionals can collaborate to develop better care for Finns and successful healthcare technology export products for companies. 

HUS Testbed offers companies a channel to initiate sponsored clinical evaluation projects for medical devices under development. In our partner network, HUCH clinical research institute manages the contracts and clinical studies performed at HUS and Nordic Proof is an extensive network of similar healthcare institutions in other Nordic countries. Contact us by filling the contact form.

HUS Findery® a startup event for healthcare professionals where start-ups can communicate directly with top healthcare professionals, and obtain opportunities for research and piloting. 

At HUS Virtual Reality Laboratory, we present virtual and augmented reality solutions for healthcare use. The demonstration space at Terkko Health Hub (Meilahti Hospital Area, Haartmaninkatu 4) is open to everyone according to agreement. 


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