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The job of your life at HUS

HUS is a workplace where you can grow as a professional and do meaningful work in an internationally high-quality healthcare community that values your expertise.

HUS Helsinki University Hospital is the biggest healthcare provider and the second-largest employer in Finland. We employ nearly 27,000 professionals for the benefit of patients in more than 300 different professions.

As Finland’s leading hospital entity, HUS offers unique work tasks. We are responsible for arranging specialist medical care in the Uusimaa region. In addition, we provide nationally centralized care for many rare and severe diseases.  As a university hospital, we continuously develop and evaluate our treatment methods and activities. A career at HUS includes continuous learning through diverse work tasks and career paths.


In our work, we always strive to encounter every colleague and patient with authenticity and a genuine presence. We understand the importance of encounters in everyday life.

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We are bold and determined to find new ways of doing things better. We demonstrate pioneership both nationally and internationally.


We treat our colleagues equally regardless of their background, job title, or experience. As HUS employees, we are all equal.

I’m an international professional, how can I apply for a job at HUS?

Our work communities are multicultural, but as an international professional there are a few things you need to check before you can apply to work for us.

Professional practice rights

All healthcare professionals working in Finland need to apply for licensing, the right to practice their profession in Finland or right to use protected occupational title from National Supervisory Authority for Welfare and Health, Valvira.

Language skills

Our official working languages at HUS are Finnish and Swedish. You must have sufficient spoken and written language skills to perform your duties.

Moving to Finland and residence permit

Please check if you need to apply for a residence permit when you apply for a job here.

Internships for students

All our hospitals are research and teaching hospitals, where patient care, impactful clinical research and teaching by professionals come together on a daily basis.

Read more about teaching at HUS

What does working at HUS give you?

With us, you get to be part of a multidisciplinary team where everyone plays an important role. We treat both colleagues and patients as equals. We offer you a spot at the forefront of healthcare development.

Meet our employees

Nurse Deniza conducts research in the best interests of the patient

Deniza Salihi enjoys working as a nurse with ear, nose and throat diseases and, at the same time, invests in doing research. “Our unit is an ideal place for a newly graduated nurse. Here we encourage people to develop and to get involved in everything new.”

An ordinary working day of a summer physician in internal medicine

Natalie Kelto’s working day at Peijas Hospital’s internal medicine inpatient ward includes patient rounds, consultations, and paperwork – independently but with the support of a senior physician. “It has been wonderful to feel part of the team of physicians, even though I am not yet a qualified physician.”

Working as a social worker in a hospital

Jaana Kahilainen and Tiina Toiminen enjoy their versatile, fast-paced and humane work as social workers at Hyvinkää Hospital. The most rewarding thing are the human encounters.

Will you join us as a new employee?

Read our advice on job search, check out our recruitment process, and apply for an interesting job today!

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