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Invoicing of member municipalities

We charges service fees from the HUS member municipalities in accordance with their actual use of services. Service plans with municipalities are devised annually. Invoicing of member municipalities’ contributions, i.e. invoicing for specialist medical care services, totaled EUR 1.8 billion in 2020.

We invoice municipalities' contributions monthly in advance and balance the invoicing four times during the year to reflect actual usage. We also check the patients' home municipalities from the Digital and Population Data Services Agency, so that the invoices are directed at the correct municipalities. 

We use a procedure for sharing the costs of expensive treatments to distribute these costs among the member municipalities. Expensive treatment patients are defined as patients resident in any member municipality whose treatment costs exceed EUR 60,000 during a calendar year. In 2020, there were 1,956 such patients.

HUS region municipalities’ specialist medical care costs per resident on average were EUR 1,056 in 2020. 

In addition to the member municipalities’ annual contracts to be invoiced monthly, we also charge the member municipalities for other medical services in accordance with separate agreements and other hospital districts on the basis of actual services used. Other services that are invoiced according to separate contracts and actual use of services include, for example, diagnostic services, consultation services, and health center services. This invoicing totaled almost EUR 554 million in 2020. 

Corporate customers and e-invoicing

Purchase invoices

We are able to receive all invoices electronically. HUS uses several e-invoicing addresses. If you do not yet have the option of sending invoices electronically, please send your invoices to the P.O. Box address of the client unit. Only purchase invoices with attachments, no other material, may be sent to the invoicing addresses.

If you cannot deliver e-invoices to HUS, the OpusCapita service can be used for sending invoices. Sending an invoice to HUS through the service is free of charge. 

Instructions for use for the sender of the invoice can be found on the front page of the service. In any questions regarding the service, you can contact OpusCapita's support service, whose contact information can be found in the e-invoicing service.

The business ID of HUS is 1567535-0. The e-invoice operator for purchase invoices is OpusCapita Solutions Oy and the operator ID is E204503.

Electronic invoices can be sent to HUS within the EU area via the Pan European Public eProcurement On-Line (PEPPOL) network. The HUS ID in the network is 0037:15675350 and the e-invoicing operator is OpusCapita.

Further information:

Sales invoices

We deliver our invoices to corporate customers primarily as e-invoices. We request that invoice recipients would provide the following information to us via email to

Company name
Business ID
ID number of the e-invoicing operator used by the company
E-invoicing address

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