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Investments and productivity program

We always devise an investment program for a period of four years. In addition, the hospital areas draw up long-term plans. Through investments, we aim to continuously improve the operating conditions, support the strengths of our own activities, and increase productivity. 

Our strategy is a central guide in determining which projects will be included in the investment program. In spring 2021, we started investment planning for 2022–2025, which will be discussed in the executive board of directors in the fall period. In connection with budget preparations, we reassess all projects in the investment program each year. The final decision on each year's investments will be made by the council.

In 2020, our investments totaled EUR 241 million, of which construction investments accounted for EUR 159 million. The largest of the construction projects is the Bridge Hospital, which will be built in the Meilahti area. Other major construction projects include the Oak Hospital as well as renovations of the Park Hospital and, for example, the Women's Hospital. Other significant investments include ICT projects and equipment purchases.

Productivity program

To improve HUS productivity, we have developed a long-term productivity program. Our aim with the program is to the achieve current production at lower costs or increase the current production at current costs, taking into account, however, that the statutory obligations and service level requirements imposed on the university hospital are met. The first year of implementation of the productivity program was 2020.

The program includes 29 separate productivity projects which focus on a wide range of topics, including processes, equipment and supplies, personnel, and facilities. The aim is, for example, to increase location-independent work (remote consultations), automation, device utilization rates and recycling, and to develop communication, price awareness, and cooperation with primary health care associated with the treatment pathway. 

The responsible persons appointed for the various projects in the program report on the progress of the productivity program three times a year to the HUS Executive Group.


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