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HUS activities and finances are steered by a council-confirmed strategy and the objectives set out therein. HUS Strato, a strategic cooperation group formed by HUS and the member municipalities, also serves as an essential steering forum, which is responsible for reconciling the views of HUS and the member municipalities on the most important financial and operational issues. HUS Strato also takes a position on longer-term strategic guidelines, taking into account regional considerations. 

Financial monitoring is carried out through a financial plan over a period of three years, an investment plan for a period of four years, an annual budget, and forecasts to be drawn up more frequently within one year. 

The budget and plan reflect the key objectives of our activities and finances, as well as the basics of economic, financial and investment activities. With the help of the forecasts, we will refine the estimate of the implementation of the budget. The realization of finances is monitored monthly through reporting.

Most of our revenue comes from services invoiced from our member municipalities. We also receive revenue from the sale of services to other hospital districts. In 2020, total revenue from medical care services amounted to over EUR 2.3 billion. We receive a government research and training appropriation for university research and training in medicine and dentistry. The amount of the research and teaching appropriation received in 2020 was approximately EUR 26 million.

Our biggest expenditure is personnel expense, which amounted to approximately EUR 1.4 billion in 2020. High costs are also incurred by properties and construction as well as ICT investments.