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Executive Group

Our CEO and the executive group are in charge of the operative activities of the HUS Group.

The executive group of the HUS Group, led by the chief executive officer, consists of the chief medical officer, director of diagnostic services, chief administrative officer, chief nursing executive, chief human resources officer, development director, chief financial officer and chief communications officer, the hospital area directors, and the representative of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Helsinki.  

If the CEO is prevented from working, they will be substituted by the chief medical officer and, if they is prevented from working, the substitute will be the group's chief administrative officer or by an official appointed separately by the executive board.

HUS Executive Group

Matti Bergendahl

Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Docent

Markku Mäkijärvi

Chief Medical Officer (CMO), Title of Docent, Professor

Suvi Posio

Acting Chief Administrative Officer (CAO)

Marja Renholm

Chief Nursing Executive (CNO)