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Executive Board and Financial Division

The executive body of HUS, subordinate to the Council, is the Executive Board, appointed by the Council for the duration of its term. The University of Helsinki appoints a further two members to the Executive Board.

The executive board focuses especially on the implementation of the strategic goals of our hospital district and on maintaining an economic equilibrium.

Executive board composition 2017–

Ulla-Marja Urho


(NCP) Helsinki

040 041 2645


Jari Oksanen


(Green) Porvoo

040 049 4039


Marika Niemi

(NCP) Espoo

040 822 8822


Financial and Group Division

Some of the matters falling within the competence of the executive board are handled by the financial and group division under the authority of the executive board. By Group, we mean the whole formed by Joint Authority HUS and its subsidiaries.

The financial and group division consists of six members who are either members or deputy members of the executive board. The members of the division have personal deputy members. In the case of organizing practical procurement, the financial and group division has delegated certain procurement powers to public officials. With regard to group evaluation and management, the financial and group division processes, among others, the progress reports of subsidiaries and makes decisions on candidates to be appointed to the executive boards of the subsidiaries.

For its part, the financial and group division also takes care of the monitoring of HUS finances and activities together with the HUS Executive Board.