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The highest decision-making power in our hospital district is exercised by the Council, to which the 24 member municipalities of the Hospital District of Helsinki and Uusimaa and the University of Helsinki elect a total of 55 members. The members are elected for the municipal electoral period.

The council elects the executive board, which leads the hospital district, for its term of office.

The council has two annual statutory meetings, with the most important tasks being the approval of the budget and the work plans in the fall and the approval of the financial statements and the annual report in the summer. If necessary, the council may meet more frequently.

Chairs of the Council

Minerva Krohn

Chair of the council

(Green) Helsinki

050 588 4244


Maija Anttila

First Vice Chair of the council

(SDP) Helsinki

040 070 9170


Ari Oksanen

Second Vice Chair of the council

(NCP) Sipoo

040 504 2608


Council meetings in 2021

Members and deputy members of the council