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Here you can find the task descriptions, meeting times, and information on the members of the various HUS committees.

Ethics Committees

HUS has four Ethics Committees I–IV that deal with statement requests in all fields of medical research. NIH-funded studies are processed in Committee III and studies on radiation research are primarily processed in committees I and IV. The Ethics Committee monitors the safety and potential vulnerability of research subjects, the recruitment methods of the subjects, the adequacy of research resources and insurance coverage, and that the benefits of the research outweigh the harm it may cause.

University Committee

HUS Specific Catchment Area Research Committee

The Research Committee for university-level health care research in the HUS Specific Catchment Area (Helsinki University Hospital Specific Catchment Area) is regulated by the Health Care Act (1326/2010).

HUS Research Committee

The Committee prepares the project application for the state research grant for the hospital district. Once the decision of the Research Committee of the HUS Specific Catchment Area (Helsinki University Hospital Specific Catchment Area) on the amount of state research funding has been received, the Research Committee will submit a proposal to the CEO on the final distribution of the state research grant to the research groups. The chief executive officer or the chief medical officer may also assign the Research Committee other tasks associated with scientific research.

Arts Committee

The Arts Committee promotes and harmonizes art activities in hospitals and makes recommendations on art acquisitions and their placement in the units.

Museum committee

The Committee coordinates and develops museum activities and manages the HUS museum collections.


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