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Administrative committees

Several different committees operate under the HUS Council.

Hospital area committees

For the purpose of organization of medical care activities, HUS is divided into five hospital areas, each of which has a committee. Under the steering of the executive board, the hospital area committee is responsible for managing the activities of the hospital area, preparing the matters to be considered by the executive board and the council concerning the hospital area and tend to their implementation, as well as ensuring cooperation with the primary health care of the municipalities in its area.

Agendas and minutes of meetings of the executive board, the council, the hospital area committees, and the audit board from 11/2016 onwards

Agendas and minutes (link to a different website)

The audit board's evaluation reports have been published on a new website. Summaries of the 2019 evaluation report and the evaluation reports for 2009–2019 in PDF format have been published on the website.

Evaluation report (link to a different website)