Organisation and representative bodies


The HUS Group comprises the Joint Authority of the Helsinki and Uusimaa Hospital District, subsidiaries and associated enterprises. The Joint Authority is made up of five hospital areas: the Helsinki University Central Hospital (HUCH), Hyvinkää, Lohja, Porvoo and Länsi-Uusimaa Hospital areas.
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The Joint Authority further includes seven business enterprises that provide support service, the Group administration and Property Management Services, which are separate profit areas.

Council and Executive board


Supreme decision-making power in the Joint Authority is exercised by the Council. The Executive Board is responsible for administration and finances. The Executive Board and the Business Division that reports to it steer the Executive Boards and subsidiaries.


HUS is managed by an Executive Board appointed by and reporting to the Council. The University of Helsinki appoints two Board members. The Executive Board focuses on attaining the strategic goals of the Hospital District and on balancing its finances.



Each of the five Hospital Areas of HUS is led by a Hospital Area Board appointed by the Council for the duration of its term in office. Directed by the Executive Board, the Hospital Area Boards manage the operations of their respective hospital areas. Hospital Area Boards are also required to implement the Group strategy and to exercise financial control. They prepare matters concerning their respective hospital areas to be submitted to the Executive Board or the Council for decision-making and manage the implementation of those matters once decided.