Bridge Hospital

​A new construction building planned for the Meilahti Hospital Area, the Bridge Hospital, is HUS's largest construction project. The estimated cost of the Bridge Hospital is EUR 280 million. The gross building area is 68,690 m2 and the usable area is 32,880 m2.

The Bridge Hospital will replace Töölö Hospital and a part of the current Department of Oncology’s functions. The building is planned to be linked both functionally and physically to the Meilahti Tower Hospital, the Meilahti Triangle Hospital and the sections of Department of Oncology that will remain in operation. The Meilahti Hospitals will become a uniform, Tower, Triangle and Bridge Hospital entity.

According to plans, the construction will occur during 2018–2022 and use will begin in 2023.

Implementation planning phase in progress

The project plan and investment for the Bridge Hospital was approved by the HUS Executive Board in March 2016 and by the Council in December 2016. The implementation planning phase was started at the start of 2017, where the detailed implementation documents for the project are to be drafted. The planning for the implementation phase is carried out using project planning teams for the different users of the Bridge Hospital.

The main designer and architect planner is Team Integrated, which won the architecture competition and includes four architect companies: AW2-Arkkitehdit Oy, Brunet Saunier Architectures S.A, Arkkitehtuuritoimisto B&M Oy and Harris-Kjisik OY.

HUS-Kiinteistöt Oy, which is acting as the procurement unit, has issued a tender for the other designers. The structural designer is A-Insinöörit Oy, and the HVAC, electrical and fixed hospital equipment designer is consultant group Granlund Ramboll.

The Bridge Hospital projects utilises the ‘Big Room’ working method, which unites the designers, client, users and contractors. Big Room refers to sharing both a common working method and a physical space, where different parties regularly meet to work together. They work together to resolve current tasks and are available to one another for project-related matters. Vison Oy acts as the consultant for Big Room planning.

Uniting two hospital campuses
is a major change for personnel

The Bridge Hospital merges the functions of two large hospital areas, as the Töölol Hospital departments move to Meilahti. A change organisation was established to lead, plan and assume responsibility for the integration of the functions, as decided by the CEO. The change organisation consists of six taskforces and a steering committee that coordinates them.

The knowledge and experience of the main contractor utilised already during planning

In May 2017, SRV Rakennus Oy was selected as the main implementer and will join the implementation planning phase of the Bridge Hospital started in January 2017. The implementation method of the new construction is a collaborative project management project with a target budget, which has assigned the main implementer with qualitative goals and schedule and cost targets. The main implementer was selected using a negotiation procedure and the selection criteria were qualitative features and the cost.

During the shared development phase preceding construction, the intention is to ensure that the goals and cost range are achieved. At the same time, they will look into opportunities and solutions that can be utilised to speed up completion of the project. The Bridge Hospital schedule is based on the selected implementation method allowing simultaneous planning and construction. In addition, construction is to occur in sections, which will allow equipment and furnishing installations already before the entire building is finished.

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