Construction projects

HUS operates in over 20 hospitals, of which a majority are owned by the hospital district. Patients are also treated at leased facilities at numerous customer service locations in the member municipalities.  The goal is to centralise the most complex medical treatment to the Meilahti, Jorvi and Peijas hospital areas, but there are still several other hospitals and outpatient facilities and different types of research and treatment procedure facilities also located elsewhere than hospitals.

The oldest hospital building, Surgical Hospital, was built in the 1880s and the newest, Meilahti Triangle Hospital, was commissioned for use in 2010. Other recently completed large, new or completely renovated sites include the completely overhauled Meilahti Tower Hospital, the additional emergency clinic building at the Jorvi Hospital, the new Logistics Centre, HUSLAB facility and the renovated and expanded additional building at the Women's Hospital. 

New hospital buildings and renovation projects

A new children's hospital at the Meilahti campus and a new psychiatry building at the Lohja Hospital will be available for use in 2018.  A new shared building, owned by HUS and the City of Hyvinkää, will also be completed in the vicinity of the Hyvinkää Hospital in 2018.

HUS is currently implementing a long-term renovation and new construction programme for hospital buildings. It is estimated that over a billion euros will be invested in buildings over the next 10 years. The current 2017-2020 investment programme has allocated EUR 500 million for hospital construction and equipment projects.

The Bridge Hospital is the most significant new hospital project in the expanding inter-municipal cooperation area of Uusimaa and HUH (formerly ERVA). The Bridge Hospital, which is to be built on the Meilahti campus during 2018-2022, will replace Töölö Hospital and part of the Department of Oncology building and it will be included as a part of the operations of the other Meilahti hospitals, including emergency clinics.  In 2017, the project is undergoing functional planning, implementation planning and selection of a project management contractor.

The Jorvi and Hyvinkää hospitals are also undergoing significant renovation and renewal programmes, which aim to modernise buildings and prepare for changes in the demand for services, for example.

The impact of the Health, social services and regional government reform on hospital properties

Due to the Health, social services and regional government reform, HUS’s property assets and responsibility for current and new construction projects will be transferred to the national Maakuntien Tilakeskus Oy in 2019. Until then, in 2017 and 2018, HUS will continue working on the projects and the associated development of operational processes. HUS aims to predict the impacts and other changes of the Health, social services and regional government reform to the operating environment. 

Major construction investments that are in progress or about to be started in 2017:
Construction site
​Cost estimate,
EUR million
New children's hospital
New building for psychiatry at Lohja Hospital
​Hyvinkään Sairaalanmäki
new building
Underground equipment facility in Meilahti
Complete renovation of Jorvi Hospital
 - Fast track surgery unit (Lyhki)  
 - Renovation of K-operating rooms and facilities below 


​New building for surgical ward of
Hyvinkää Hospital
Renovation of Children’s Hospital
for adult surgery use
Pharmaceutical production/cleanrooms
Bridge Hospital