Nursing Practice


HUS nursing staff consists of approximately 12,000 healthcare professionals. Nursing is performed in a variety of environments such as wards, outpatient clinics, and examination, rehabilitation and procedural care units. Additionally, nursing is performed as mobile services and at the patient’s home. Nursing in HUS is guided by
patient-centred, evidence-based practice, patient safety, and multi-professional and collegial atmosphere.

The core task in nursing is to care for the patient; to assess the patient’s need for care as well as to plan, implement, and evaluate nursing care. The aims are to promote health and well-being of patients/clients, their families and the community, to prevent illness, and provide support, care and rehabilitation, as well as relieve suffering in the case of illness or death.

HUS nursing staff provides special nursing and rehabilitation expertise for the multidisciplinary patient care process. In cooperation with other professionals participating in the patient’s care (e.g. primary healthcare), the nursing staff are also responsible for the good quality and safety of the patient's overall care. annual_report_nursing_2017_small.png

Decisions about nursing care are steered by critically evaluated, evidence-based
knowledge as well as the patient’s opinion. The latest technology is utilized in a safe and critical manner. Nursing practice requires continuous updating of professional expertise, an innovative approach at work as well as commitment to the common practices and goals of nursing.

Outcomes of nursing practice are monitored regularly and openly by observing key indicators of nursing leadership, quality and safety, finances, patient satisfaction, the use of human resources, and the success of nursing and health science research.

Please see the ”Nursing in the best interest of the patient” brochure and the Annual Report of Nursing 2017  for further information.


 Annual Report of Nursing