Welcome to good care at HUH Psychiatry

HUH Psychiatry offers modern psychiatric care based on research. We are responsible for outpatient-orientated specialized psychiatric care as well as demanding psychiatric evaluations and care at our wards. Our care is patient-centered; experts by experience (person who has experience of mental disorders) participate in the development of our processes e.g. in our management groups.
Admittance to treatment
Treatment availability is good. An outpatient clinic appointment is available approximately in two weeks' time, and patients can be admitted to wards immediately if necessary.
Less forced measures
Sometimes, in the most difficult psychiatric cases when the patient is a danger to themselves or to others due to their illness, the staff is forced to act against the patient’s will. HUS is determined to reduce the number of these situations and we have implemented alternative methods. HUS's aim was to reduce forced measures (isolation and restraints) by 40% by 2015 (according to the national program Mieli-2009). The results in HUH Psychiatry have been dramatic.
Internet therapies

As is the case for many aspects in society, some of our patients can and wish to be treated in their homes via internet. HUS is a leading Finnish operator in these services by offering e.g.
nationwide internet therapies. The number of tele-treated patients has increased rapidly during the past year.