Become a physician at HUH Psychiatry

At HUH Psychiatry, you can tailor the work to suit your needs and interests.
How would you like to work?
  • As a specialising physician you participate in local training sessions as well as the ample education available at the Psychiatry Centre, and you receive weekly guidance from your tutor, see the blog by our specialising physicians
  • A doctor interested in research can participate in the ongoing projects at HUH or plan a new research project according to their interests, see pages on research
  • If you are interested in developing psychiatry, you may participate in development projects, pursue your own ideas, or have the possibility to develop as a superior and receive suitable training
  • Development as a clinician is supported by campus meetings, training at Psychiatry Center, and with external training possibilities  
  • If you would like to teach, you can tutor the specializing doctors, receive training for this, and be a part of a network of educators
  • Even specialists can be on call; backup on-call is made possible by a group of enthusiastic volunteers
  • During practical training you will grow as a physician, follow the work of experts, and participate in the patient work as your skills improve
  • If you are seeking part-time work, you can tailor the work to suit your needs and increase or decrease the number of hours as you like



Administrative Deputy Chief Physician
Kari Raaska
tel. +358 50 4277688