HUH Psychiatry

The Department of Psychiatry consists of seven divisions: Acute Psychiatry and Consultations; Mood Disorders; Psychosis and Forensic Psychiatry; Geropsychiatry, Neuropsychiatry and Substance Use Psychiatry; Western Uusimaa; IT and Psychosocial Treatments; and Adolescent Psychiatry.

As a whole, HUH Psychiatry in Jorvi, Peijas and Western Uusimaa is responsible for the specialized psychiatric care of the adult patients in their regions. Specialized psychiatric care in these areas focuses on outpatient care. In Jorvi area the outpatient clinics are located in Matinkylä and Leppävaara. In Peijas area the clinics are in Tikkurila and Myyrmäki. The care is supported by wards in the HUH Psychiatry Centre, Kellokoski Hospital, Raasepori Hospital, as well as Jorvi and Peijas Hospitals.
The department employs approximately 1,930 persons, of which 65% are treatment staff, 13% are doctors, 12% are other specialists, and 11% are other staff members.
Core functions include:
•  Treatment of psychotic patients
•  Treatment of mood disorders
•  Evaluation and treatment of acute psychiatric patients
•  Evaluation and treatment of geropsychiatric patients
•  Evaluation and referrals of neuropsychiatric patients
•  Treatment and replacement therapy of substance-use patients
•  Treatment of eating disorders
•  Demanding assessments of work ability
•  IT psychiatry (internet therapies among others)