Operations of the Heart and Lung Center

Heart and Lung Center consists of the specialties of cardiology (diagnostics and treatment of heart diseases), cardiac surgery, pulmonary diseases and general thoracic surgery (surgery of the lungs and the esophagus).

The Heart and Lung Center comprises of the divisions of Heart Diseases and Diseases in Thoracic Cavities. Training and Research forms the third division. The center is a nationally central trainer of doctors and other professional staff in the fields of cardiology, cardiac surgery, general thoracic surgery, esophageal surgery and pulmonary diseases. Medical research is also performed at the Heart and Lung Center. The Heart and Lung Center is run by its director and an executive group.

The Heart and Lung Center had staff of 859 in 2015. The largest personnel groups were nursing staff (around 620) and doctors (119). A total of 22 doctors are currently being trained at the center.

Cardiac surgery, pulmonary surgery, esophageal surgery and mediastinum surgery are centralized at the Meilahti Tower Hospital. The Heart and Lung Center has six heart examination imaging laboratories for diagnosing and imaging coronary artery diseases, valve diseases and various myocardial diseases. Three of the laboratories insert pacemakers, map arrhythmia and perform removal operations. The Jorvi and Peijas Hospitals have high-level imaging laboratories.

All units of the Heart and Lung Center have outpatient operations. Around 90 000 patient visits, brief operations and surgical procedures are performed every year. There are 190 beds, 29 of which have patient monitoring facilities.

The hospital's activities have also been based on the establishment of special clinics. In the area of heart diseases, the Meilahti Hospital has a monitoring clinic for congenital adult heart defects, an outpatient clinic for arrhythmic disorders and hereditary arrhythmic disorders, an outpatient clinic for myocardial diseases, an outpatient clinic for difficult cardiac insufficiency, an outpatient clinic for heart and lung transplant patients and at the Pulmonary Diseases Outpatient Clinic, the hospital has an out patient clinic for diseases of the pulmonary tissue and the treatment of lung cancer patients.