HUH Head and Neck Center

​​The specialities at HUH Head and Neck Center are ear, nose and throat diseases; neurosurgery; neurology; eye diseases and oral and maxillofacial diseases. In addition to patients from our own hospital district, we also treat patients from a wide area in the south of Finland as well as across the country. Due to the free mobility of patients, we also receive patients from abroad.
The service we provide is patient-focused and efficient. A considerable part of the around 20,000 yearly surgical operations are carried out in ambulatory surgery. Over 100,000 people visit us as patients every year. Hospital stays are short and the emphasis is on outpatient care. In emergency services and urgent care, we provide demanding specialised medical care in all our specialities. Research and teaching are an integral part of our operations. Our staff is highly trained and qualified. We have nearly 300 physicians and almost 1,000 nursing staff. 
The quality of our operations and customer satisfaction are good. HUH has the lowest number of compensated treatment injuries in the country in relation to the number of patients treated. On average, the accessibility of treatment within the time period required by law is deemed good. However, some patients still face rather long waiting times due to the great demand for services. From 2015 onwards we will be able to meet the statutory care guarantee in all our specialities.

 Patient satisfaction 1-12/2017

Total evaluation of treatment period: 4,57/5,00
Recommendation index: 90/100