Tertiary Pediatrics

​The Tertiary Pediatrics Division consists of units that treat children's heart diseases, blood diseases and cancer, renal diseases and transplantation patients and newborns needing hospital care. The units of the Tertiary Pediatrics Division also treat children with intestinal or rheumatic diseases or problems with bone growth and metabolism and other rare diseases. Tertiary Pediatrics also has a clinical genetics appointment. All units of Tertiary Pediatrics receive patients from an area larger than the HUS Area, some from all over Finland. The treatment of children's heart diseases and transplantation has been nationally centralized at HUS.

Head of Tertiary Pediatrics Eero Jokinen 09 471 73332
Secretary Anne Erkkilä 09 471 73784
Director of nursing Outi Simonen 050 428 4712
Secretary Kirsi Hietala-Koski 09 471 76710
Director of nursing Petra Marjamaa 09 471 72768
Secretary Hanna Matikainen 09 471 76248
Director of nursing Tuula Korhonen 050 428 4309
Secretary Nina Lindström 050 448 1024
Director of nursing Anita Tuhkanen 09 471 80204
Secretary Päivi Klemola 09 471 80218