Child Neurology

The Division of Child Neurology offers services to patients in the HUS area and at a national level. Nationally offered services include treatment and diagnostics of difficult epilepsy, diagnostics and treatment of several metabolic and neurodegenerative diseases, rehabilitation of mobility-impaired patients, neuro-orthopedic operations and neurological examinations and treatment relating to children's cancers, organ transplantations, heart diseases and immunological diseases. Patients from the HUS area are offered outpatient and day center services regarding examinations and treatment of different neurological problems in children.

Head of Child Neurology Tarja Linnankivi 09 471 80208
Secretary Päivi Klemola 09 471 80218

Director of nursing Anita Tuhkanen 09 471 80204
Sihteeri Päivi Klemola 09 471 80218

Director of nursing  Tuula Korhonen 050 428 4309
Secretary Nina Lindström 050 448 1024