Comprehensive Cancer Center

​Helsinki University Hospital Comprehensive Cancer Center is the largest and most versatile cancer treatment center in Finland providing personalized cancer treatment. The center is part of the Helsinki University Hospital and is responsible for the oncological treatment of all adult cancer patients within the Hospital District of Helsinki and Uusimaa. Each year, HUS Cancer Center treats 21 000 patients, of whom approximately 8 000 are new patients.

The key objective of the research is to promote translation – i.e. faster and more efficient use of translational research results to patients’ benefits. The center also carries out phase I research as well as first-in-man research.

HUS Cancer Center is the first in the Nordic countries accredited by the OECI, and is now designated as Comprehensive Cancer Center. The expertise of the HUCH Cancer Center is recognized internationally, and its treatment outcomes are among the best in the world.

 Patient Satisfaction ​February 2019

Recommendation index: 99/100