Experts by experience in Comprehensive Cancer Center

Experts by experience began their work in Comprehensive Cancer Center in early 2018. Experts by experience are trained customers, patients, or their loved ones, who participate in the development of the services and functions in the Comprehensive Cancer Center.

The experts by experience use their own experience of cancer, cancer treatments, and illness to develop services and functions. Shared expertise or co-operation between professional staff and experts by experience creates a patient-centred and functional treatment culture resulting in an even better treatment experience for the patient.

Experts by experience work in e.g. development work groups, training session, group instructor, and when orientating students and new employees.
Aims of experts by experience service

The aim is that a customer/patient/loved one participates in the development of services and functions. The goal is that
  • A customer/patient/loved one develops services together with professional staff
  • The customer’s/patient’s/loved one’s personal experience is taken into account when developing services
  • The functions and services become more customer-centered.

Would you like to become an expert by experience?
Experts by experience are chosen for two years at a time. The experts by experience are trained for their tasks.
If you are interested in becoming an expert by experience in Comprehensive Cancer Center, please e-mail us