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The feedback provided is used to plan and develop operations, and to improve customer experience in care and service provision.

Feedback channels


Open feedback

Open feedback may be given on a general level, to a specific hospital, laboratory or unit. Feedback is processed by feedback handlers.
HUS support service units also have their own feedback forms.   

Other feedback forms and links

  • You can send feedback anonymously.
  • Do not include anyone's personal identity code or confidential information concerning your own or someone else's care.
  • Questions concerning individual care will not be replied to by e-mail.
  • The feedback form cannot be used to cancel appointments for treatment or examination.

The new feedback system will replace the individual feedback forms used in each hospital.

Customer satisfaction survey

The customer satisfaction survey is intended for HUS patients and customers who have received service at HUS. Upon discharge, patients will be given instructions on how to complete the survey. The survey is anonymous and individual respondents cannot be identified. Responses will be directed to the unit's feedback handler.