The HUCH Neurosurgery Department is an international center and the largest neurosurgery training unit in Finland. Many of the department’s residents are from abroad and they have been training in other neurosurgery units abroad, too.

Due to government regulations, all residents and staff members have to speak Finnish. Thus, all applicants for permanent positions must meet the language requirement. Furthermore, most of the residents have the PhD degree prior to acceptance to the residency program, and continuous scientific activity is highly recommended. 

 Professor Juha Hernesniemi and consultant neurosurgeons are responsible for the training of 6-8 residents (six-year program) and 1-4 foreign fellows (12-18 months). They evaluate each resident's progress and competence milestones on a periodic basis (every six months). The results of the evaluations are reviewed with each resident on a timely basis.

Medical students are given teaching six times a year: each teaching period consists of 20 intensive hours of teaching per student. Numerous nursing students are also training in the wards of the department.

Current residents

Juhana Frösén, MD, PhD (Chief Resident)
Hanna Lehto, MD
Julio Resendiz-Nieves, MD, PhD
Antti Huotarinen, MD
Emilia Gaal, MD, PhD
Mikko Keränen, MD
Jarno Satopää, MD
Justiina Huhtakangas, MD
Zia Akram, MD