Frequently asked questions

My referral is from Hyvinkää Hospital, but can I go to Myyrmäki for my laboratory tests?
Yes. You can go to any of the HUSLAB sample collection sites. Please see the list of HUSLAB sample collection sites.

Do I need a referral for laboratory tests?
Yes. A referral must be entered into our laboratory data system. The referral may be entered by your local health station, for example.

Can I visit a HUSLAB laboratory if my referral is from a private practitioner?
Some of the sample collection sites offer services to the patients of private practitioners. In these cases, the sample collection and the performed laboratory tests are subject to a fee. List of sites available for patients of private practioners

How do I get the test results?
You can ask about your test results from the referring health station or hospital outpatient clinic, for example. If you were referred by a private practitioner, the test results are sent to your home address and to your referring physician, if so agreed.

Where can I ask for instructions on how to prepare for a laboratory test?
You can find patient information on HUSLAB's website at:

The laboratory will provide you with any sample containers or instructions you need. You can also call HUSLAB's information desk on 09 471 86800.

How do I make an appointment for laboratory tests?
Most sample collection sites offer scheduled appointments. You can make an appointment online at: or by phone (tel. 09 471 86800).

Is there a laboratory I can visit after office hours?
Yes. Some of our laboratories are open afeter office ours and even on Saturdays

Where can I ask about radiology tests (X-ray)?
For contact details and more information on X-ray and radiology, please visit:

How do I find my local health station?
The contact details of local health stations are usually listed on the municipality's website. Please visit:

Where is the lost and found office? 
Contact the sample collection site if you lost or forgot something during your visit.​