Meilahti Tower Hospital

​Haartmaninkatu 4, Helsinki
P.O. Box 340, FIN-00029 HUS

Tel. (information desk) 09 471 72432
Int. tel. +358 9 471 72432

The symbol of Meilahti Tower Hospital is a big, turquoise letter M which can be seen on the wall in the main lobby. Wards are marked with a combination of a letter M and a floor number, for example M6 is the Neurology Ward located on the sixth floor.

Meilahti Tower Hospital is part of the Helsinki University Hospital (HUH), and provides care for patients requiring cardiothoracic, vascular or gastrointestinal surgery or neurological treatment. In Finland, all organ transplants in adult patients are exclusively performed at Meilahti Tower Hospital. In addition, The only 24-hour cardiology department in Finland operates at Meilahti Tower Hospital.

Meilahti Tower Hospital comprises several specialist outpatient clinics and service functions which support examinations and care.

The hospital provides emergency care 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Patients are either referred to the emergency clinic or arrive in an ambulance. The emergency clinic provides internal medicine, surgical and neurological specialised medical care for patients over 16 who are acutely ill. 

Meilahti Tower Hospital collaborates with Meilahti Triangle Hospital. The hospitals share a main entrance. Meilahti Tower Hospital is undergoing renovation until 2014, and the wards are located in the ward wing.

Visiting Hours: please check the websites of the clinical units.

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