Children's Hospital

Stenbäckinkatu 11, Helsinki
P.O. Box 281, FIN-00029 HUS
Tel. 09 4711
Int. tel. +358 9 4711
Information (does not include health service): 09 471 72783 (from 6 am until 10 pm), 09 471 72751 (during night time)

The Children’s Hospital has wards for pediatrics and pediatric surgery, several outpatient clinics, an anesthesia and operating unit, intensive care unit, plus supporting activities such as laboratorium, imaging units, physiotherapy, play and activity unit and hospital school.


Visiting hours

Visiting hours vary in different wards. More information on visiting hours is available on the web pages of the wards.  
New Children's Hospital will open in phases between 17 September and 26 September 2018.

Activities from Children’s Hospital and Children's Castle will transfer to the New Children’s Hospital. Children’s health care services from other hospitals will also transfer to the New Children's Hospital.
Pediatric Emergency Clinic will open in the New Children's Hospital on Tuesday 25 September at 8:00 am.

Appointment letters sent to patients contain the hospital’s contact information.
Week 38
17 Sept Pediatric Outpatient Clinic and special employees
18 Sept Day Center Vuori (Pediatric Day Evaluation and Treatment Center for Autism and Day Evaluation and Treatment Center for Children's Developmental Disorders
19 Sept Ward Avaruus (Pediatric Orthopedic and traumatology ward K8, Epilepsy ward L11 and Rehabilitation Unit L14), Video-EEG and Pediatric Clinical Neurophysiology
20 Sept Ward Tähti (Infectious Diseases and Observation Ward 12 and Pediatric and Surgery Ward ULS3) and Day Hospital Taika
21 Sept Ward Taika (Pediatric Cancer Ward K10 and Pediatric kidney and transplantation ward K3)
Week 39
25 Sept Pediatric Emergency Department, Operating and Anesthesia Unit, Pediatric Intensive Care Unit Laakso, Medical Imaging and HUSLAB
26 Sept Ward Vuori (Pediatric cardiac ward K4 and Neonatal and infant surgery ward K6, HUSUKE)
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The number of parking spaces in the Meilahti hospital area is limited. We recommend using public transport when possible. More information on parking in the Meilahti hospital area. 

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