Arrival information

​When you arrive at the Children's Hospital, you need to register on the ward where the child will be admitted. An information desk is located next to the main entrance on the first floor of the Children's Hospital where you can ask for directions to the correct ward.

If your child has or you suspect them of having an infectious disease (e.g. pox disease, intestinal or respiratory tract infection), please contact the ward before you arrive.

After you have been registered, the ward personnel will tell you about the daily routines and schedule on the ward and the examinations and procedures planned for your child.
Usually, children are measured and weighed upon arrival. Children will also receive a wristband with their name and social security number on it. The wristband is for safety reasons and it is important to make sure your child wears it for the duration of their entire hospital stay.



The number of parking spaces in the Meilahti hospital area is limited, and the situation is particularly difficult on weekdays. We recommend using public transport when possible.

Click here for more information on parking in the Meilahti hospital area.

If your child has to stay in treatment for over a week, you can purchase a parking card from HUS Security starting from the second week of treatment. The cost is EUR 30/week. You need a certificate from your child’s ward to obtain the parking card. The card entitles you to park in the Meilahti Hospital area’s above-ground customer parking areas, where the parking fee without the card is EUR 2 every hour on the hour, or in the parking garages P1, and P2.