Other severe neurological disorders

​The Consultations and Epilepsy Outpatient Clinic diagnoses and monitors the progress of severe neurological disorders such as encephalopathies, muscular diseases, neuropathies and various ataxia syndromes. The outpatient clinic focuses on Finnish hereditary diseases and mitochondrial diseases. It is also the centralized care provider and monitors the progress of MS disease and myasthenia, and other rare pediatric neurological diseases.

One of the outpatient clinic’s special expertise areas is neurological problems in pediatric cancer patients, particularly the follow-up of children with brain tumours. Similarly, the clinic deals on a daily basis with neurological and neurocognitive problems that children with severe somatic diseases experience. The progress of patients is monitored until they take up vocational or further education. Depending on the patient, another unit such as a hospital closer to the patient’s home/basic health care facility/ intellectual disability care provider may assume responsibility for follow-up at an earlier stage.

The Consultations and Epilepsy Outpatient provides pediatric neurology consultation to all wards of the Children’s Hospital. Since the Children’s Hospital is the national center of special expertise responsible for special operations (such as organ transplantations, heart surgeries, the majority of stem cell transplantations), more complex and severe diseases can be treated with sophisticated therapies and procedures. These may involve complications not encountered before, and studying these complications is also a major part of the Outpatient Clinic’s work.